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New at this whole "Photography" thing. So this blog is dedicated to, just random pics i take.
  1. My identity assignment, The Bracelet, is seen in the pictures with what its seen with on purpose. All are items that I’ve been using to work with my art. And i choose those because art is now apart of my identity and it (currently) seems to be all that i have time for. 

    I did a bracelet because they are seen, but they don’t particularly stand out. They just kind of blend in with things and aren’t very noticeable, and that’s how i like to think i am, that’s how i want to be. Im not a fan of attention, but i do get noticed sometimes just like the bracelet. I used all the same materials because i thought of it as simple, and im a simple girl. I like what i like, i don’t ask for much, i try to keep things at their most basic level. But im also complex at the same time, which is why i braided the bracelet so many times. I took 3 small braids, made them into one big braid, did that 2 more times, and made it into the bracelet. So its simple, but its complex or complicated at the same time. The pink is there for one of the braids because although im very logic and “tough” on the outside, i am still a girl and a little soft and warmhearted on the inside.

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